Sarah Howard

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Sarah's Story

Sarah Howard was full of joy. She reveled in the pure pleasure of the company of friends, who loved her sweet disposition and capacity for happiness. At age 11, Sarah already understood what many of us never learn: Friendship is a treasure to be valued forever. Although outwardly shy, Sarah's inner strength shone when she was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. Together Sarah and her family faced an unimaginable challenge – one Sarah would not win.

Now the Howard Family, her parents Julie and Bill, her brother Brooks and sister Annie, have captured Sarah's spirit to form a fund in her memory. Dedicated to children with cancer and named for the young girl who inspired it, the Sarah Howard Childhood Cancer Fund has begun to "create something positive from this devastating experience," says Julie Howard. "We want to be part of the battle against childhood cancer – to be one small soldier in this critical war."

The Mission

The Sarah Howard Fund was begun with seed money donated by the Howard family. It will be sustained by the generosity of private individuals and businesses that believe in the Fund's mission to promote research for new treatments for pediatric cancer. Pediatric cancer research is frequently overlooked in this country, receiving only a tiny fraction of the dollars spent in finding new cancer treatments. The Howards hope that Sarah's Fund will help to remedy this by providing a sustained source of revenue directed only to programs in childhood cancer.

First Steps

Under the auspices of the Prevent Cancer Foundation and Hope Street Kids, funding will be provided to researchers whose investigations have been approved by Prevent Cancer Foundation's scientific advisory board of pediatric cancer experts. This research will offer the best hope for promising new therapies in childhood cancers. An important guiding principal for the Fund is a real and meaningful connection to recipients of funding – the direct link to researchers and programs that will make a significant contribution to the lives of children with cancer.

Next Steps

Over time the Fund will expand its reach to include funding for programs that provide support for young cancer patients and their families. The Sarah Howard Childhood Cancer Fund will continue to grow, seeking partners in its fight from among individuals and businesses in the community. It is the family's profound wish that the Fund thrive to serve as Sarah's lasting legacy. "The Fund is our tribute to Sarah," says Bill Howard.